Dialektik: Emma dj (UIQ, BFDM, L.I.E.S. / FR) + Toma Kami (Livity Sound, Man Band / FR) + Sheetone + Lisa Randall

Hora: 00.30h a 06h.
Entradas anticipadas: 15€ w/ copa
Entradas taquilla: 18€ w/ copa
Planta: Espacio Club
Tipo: Clubbing

Emma DJ

Across releases for Collapsing Market, L.I.E.S. and BFDM, Finnish native Emma dj has cultivated a unique electronic signature that explores the extreme limits of experimental music. The Paris-based producer’s music combines intricate rhythms, abrasive textures and uneasy melodies, sitting somewhere on the precipice of ambient and club-ready styles.


Toma Kami


Since his first appearance as a producer in 2017, Toma Kami has quietly been shaping an eclectic yet recognisable sound with several outings on Bristol’s Livity Sound as well as his own imprint Man Band. A specialisation in rhythmic variety partly informed by his dynamic DJ sets that have become known synonyms for wild rides through the likes of heavy bass, dancehall, techno, jungle, electro, rap, and any other style that will match his expression of specifically physical and unusual energy on the dance floor.