Ears On Earth´s Release Party w/ Prins Emanuel

Entradas anticipadas: -
Entradas taquilla: 12€ con copa hasta la 1.30hs, después 14€ con copa
Planta: Espacio Club
Tipo: Clubbing

All the way from Copenhagen, we’re so excited to host Prins Emanuel for the very first time in Madrid.

This DJ, drummer and producer is the kind of musician that we love, capable of produce and play proper bangers in a party, as of get so intimate and true to himself in a full solo album release.

You just have to listen to his last “Diagonal Musik” LP released on MUSIC FOR DREAMS last year, or the 7” he just put out few months ago on Rick Shiver’s Nose Job to get the idea.

This time we will have the opportunity to listen to his new live set, which we must say, it’s pretty dope. The kind of danceable HQ music you’re ears deserve, but you know, LIVE.

We recommend you to take a listen to his new program on Retreat Radio too, it’s called «Sif Nou» and is simply beautiful.

Also, we want to take advantage of the night to sell u guys some copies of our first V/A CD compilation, featuring tracks from Yanik Park, JAI, D.Faux, BF Treatment, Clap Kent, Axis Mundi and the special collaboration of our beloved River Yarra.

More info soon