Klubbkveld Eigenblau: Nidas + Smiley + Truglut

Klubbkveld Eigenblau: Nidas + Smiley + Truglut

Jueves 19 octubre.



Fecha: Jueves 19 octubre.
Hora: 00h a 05h
Entradas anticipadas: 10€ w/ copa
Entradas taquilla: Gratuita de 00 a 1hs 12€ w/ copa después
Planta: Espacio Club
Tipo: Clubbing

Eigenblau is a trance collective rooted in Madrid and Oslo united by our love for fast, groovy and emotional music. As much as we love music, our main focus is on creating a healthy, inclusive, loving and respectful community. For this spooky occasion, our residents Smiley and Truglut have prepared mixes full of eclectic sounds, sharp tones and moody basselines. On top of that, our guest for the night will be Nidas, a regular of our parties and a master on creating a dark and foresty mood on the dancefloor that will have you glued to it during the whole lenght of it.

It is our top priority to ensure all of our guests can feel safe and included regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity or outfit. For this reason, we will not tolerate any kind of racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic or discriminatory language or behaviour of any kind. Please respect other people’s personal space and privacy and always respect a no. It can be complicated to handle this by ourselves alone, so we kindly ask your help by being an active bystander and help us make this space the safety bubble we all want it to be. Please limit phone use on the dancefloor as it takes away from the energy of the moment. There is plenty of other spaces where you can check it without disrupting the vibe. Also please respect other’s anonimity and privacy when taking pictures or videos and keep them as faceless, identityless and abstract as possible.Thank you so much for being a part of our community.