Eigenblau: Bea Moy + Truglut + Temu.jin

Eigenblau: Bea Moy + Truglut + Temu.jin

Sábado 15 julio



Fecha: Sábado 15 julio
Hora: 00.30h a 06h
Entradas anticipadas: 12€ w/ copa
Entradas taquilla: 15€ w/ copa
Planta: Espacio Club
Tipo: Clubbing

Eigenblau is a trance collective rooted in Madrid and Oslo united by our love for fast, groovy and emotional music. As much as we love music, our main focus is on creating a healthy, inclusive, loving and respectful community.

A truly magical season comes to an end, and we are preparing a closing party to celebrate it. Our resident bbs Bea Moy, Truglut and Temu.jin will take care of the club area, and for such a special night, we’ll try to explore all corners of the Eigenblau sound and push its limits. Expect a mix of early and modern (hard)trance, some breaks, nightcore, tek, rave-infused cuts and generally fast and emotional music that will take your body and your mind into an state of trance.

Carla Clay and Sonder will be our guests for the night and they’ll light up the lounge area with their selections. We already had both Carla and Sonder play amazing sets at Blue Cosmos and Kloster, so we couldn’t be more excited to have them back ^^ Expect everything from groovy house to airy breaks, smooth trance, cheeky techno and many surprises from these two wonderful selectors.