Quinoa Experience: Denaila + Miss Jay + Chris Gorrie

Entradas anticipadas:
Entradas taquilla: 12€ con copa hasta la 1.30hs, después 14€ con copa
Planta: Espacio Club
Tipo: Clubbing

On this special weekend, the Quinoa Experience will be dedicated to the celebration of female energy. This time we have chosen Sala Siroco as our nest and have big surprises for the occasion.

For another long-awaited Quinoa debut, Miss Jay will be joining us from the Netherlands. The OOST / De School / Griessmuehle resident has been making big steps in the scene. Her bubbly flow and infectious energy have brought her sounds to delight crowds of all kinds, including on stages such as Dekmantel Selectors and soon Lente Kabinet.

Infatuating us alongside her, is Denaila. Digger since age 15, her high energy and eclectic taste will shred the dancefloor to bits. Her stellar productions have made their way to releases on RA+RE and her own label Coordinate Records. She started early on with her residence for Outcast Torino as one of the youngest djanes in the scene and quickly grew to become esident of Kappa Futur Festival and Movement Torino Music Festival.

Finally, our resident Chris Gorrie completes our selection of artists for the night and will be delighting us with one of his signature warm up sets.